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People are surprised when they ask how long I’ve been dancing, and I tell them I walked meekly into my first Salsa class at the age of 24.

I wasn’t a dancer my whole life. Don’t get me wrong; if there was music around I couldn’t help but groove a little. And I was one of those children who would host performances in my living room and sell tickets to my parents to come along and watch me. I had been introduced to ballet & classical as a young child, but as soon as I experienced ‘exams’ for the first time, I quit. I didn’t want to be judged for my dancing.

Then at 24 years old, after a relationship break up, I was feeling heartbroken and uninspired. Work, home, wait for the weekend, repeat. A friend invited me to come along to a Salsa class, and from my very first enchufla I was reborn! I was hooked! Addicted! Alive!

I kept dancing and learning, and a few years later Latin Vibrations was born. After 11 years, we have transformed into LV DANCE. Our mission is to encourage Townsville adults to dance. We’re all born with the natural desire to move to the beat, but we lose it over time. LV is here to help bring back the joy to your life! A way to brighten your day, form friendships, let your self dance free, forget the stresses of life. Many LV students refer to our classes as their ‘happy place’. I couldn’t be prouder of this. 🙂

So come and give dance a try. It may be the thing that you never knew was missing from your life!

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